Insights Platforms

Our subscription-based Insights Platforms Latinum and genYZ enable us to continuously engage with Americas top brands, align with their top priorities, discern their most leveraged areas of research and develop the innovations that matter most in this changing American landscape.

Data and Tools

Leveraging millions of datapoints collected across a decade of continually deployed consumer surveys, we curate an unrivalled set of insights into the diverse perspectives of Multicultural America, including attitudes and behaviors, shopping and consumption preferences, and responses to brands and advertising.



Shared cost to start, custom when you need it.

Access to the shared-cost research on our Insights Platforms provides a springboard to help accelerate project timelines and reduce overall costs. When clients need to go beyond our shared-cost research, we provide full-service consulting services.

The Insight Scoop

Optimize Digital Services in the Health Care Space

Health care costs are high and rising. And many health care companies are leaning on digital services to reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction. To fully realize these benefits, companies need to understand the relevant attitudes and preferences of both multicultural and generational consumers.

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