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We are passionate about how to decipher culture using rigorous, hypothesis-driven, data based approaches, without resorting to tropes and stereotypes

AdRate Analytics

We live in a highly polarized time when what makes an ad work for one segment can make it fail for another.

Conventional ad test methods reflect assumptions about the market that do not sufficiently account for America’s dramatic cultural transformation. Just adding extra sample to traditional testing does not identify what works and why.

AdRate applies machine learning, facial tracking, and innovative new metrics to reveal what works and why for culturally diverse demographic segments.

Cultural Attributes

How do we develop the fact-based view of cultural difference essential to creating cultural fluency? Our longitudinal analysis of the emotional profiles of American ethnic and generational segments  ties cultural variation to consumer behavior and helps you pinpoint how best to activate consumers, whether in dedicated or cross-segment campaigns.

Instant Insights

Change the way you act on consumer insights.  Our mobile-friendly interface enables marketing teams to drill into years of syndicated survey responses, all weighted to the total market.  Apply two levels of demographic filters, send an email with the chart to a colleague or even post on LinkedIn.  All from your phone.

Market Profiler

The Market Profiler integrates multiple third party datasets to help marketers profile demographics at the zip code level.   Filter by race, nativity, education, ancestry, occupation, income, age, and many more variables.  Access over ten years of historical data and identify the trends needed to target locations key to your marketing campaigns.